Let's Talk Business: Connect Cape

Aug 25, 2019

One of the ways to address the workforce shortage is to keep as many of our local graduates in the area as possible.

Each year, hundreds of young people graduate from our area high schools and from Southeast Missouri State University and less than half of them enter our local workforce. In addition, many students graduate with very limited work experience. In a world where an available, capable, and trained workforce is key to area growth, this is not a desirable situation.

However, a partnership that started between the Chamber and Southeast and now includes a couple of local high schools was created to address this issue. connectCAPE is a program designed to bridge the gap between students and local employers through a variety of programs. As a result, not only will students have a better feel for their future career choices, but they will also better understand the wide range of job opportunities available in our region.

Two main parts of connectCAPE include job shadowing and internships. In job shadowing, students can spend a minimum of 10 hours in a local business learning what really happens day to day. Internships provide actual hands on experience and an inside look to their future. Either way, students and regional employers benefit.

Look for more information on connectCAPE at Cape Central High School, Notre Dame Regional High School, Saxony Lutheran High School, and the University.