Let's Talk Business: Chambers of Commerce

Oct 13, 2019

Chambers of commerce are the go-to organizations for business support and promotion. 

Many ask – are local chambers just a part of the state and national group? The simple answer is …. NO.Local chambers like we have in Cape, Jackson, Perryville, Sikeston and Poplar Bluff are stand-alone, not-for-profit membership corporations with strong local histories. We exist for, and because of, you – our membership. Unlike some other non-profit groups, we are not a subset of a national group.

But wait a minute. Isn’t there a U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry? Absolutely and they are stand-alone organizations as well. Let me explain our relationship to those groups.

Most chambers choose to be a MEMBER of both organizations, but we are not a subset of either. We do so because we can partner with them on many efforts and programs designed to benefit our membership. These chambers are both key advocates for business at the state and national levels. Usually we are on the same page with the policies and actions of these groups.

However, there are times when we believe what is best for our membership is not in line with advocacy positions they take. This independence allows us to do what’s best locally but maintain strong relationships with state and national leaders in business advocacy.

In addition, local chambers partner on regional issues. For example, many times you will see the Cape and Jackson chambers working together.