Let's Talk Business: Baseball and the Local Economy

Sep 22, 2019

Is it possible that what happens in this final week of the Major League Baseball season could affect business in the Cape/Jackson metro?

For decades we have been able to measure the positive affect on the local economies of cities whose teams make the playoffs in their respective sports. Certainly hosting playoff games provides for a direct infusion of additional capital to a local economy. But what about an extended regional market like our area? Do we benefit if the Cardinals make the playoffs?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! We were reminded of this with the recent experience of the St. Louis Blues successful trip through the NHL playoffs and eventual win in Game 7 of the Stanly Cup Championship. As was reported at the time, many local restaurants, bars, lounges, private rental areas, clubs, and even grocery stores reported a significant increase in business during the televised playoff games. The majority of these games occur during the week which even makes them a bigger gain in year over year business.

But wait …that’s not all. Retail establishments also prosper. Game gear, clothing, and memorabilia sales increase significantly when a St. Louis team makes the playoffs. And the deeper they go, the better the economic impact. Just think of the number of Blues shirts and jerseys you now see in the area.

So, even if you aren’t a St. Louis sports fan, jump on the band wagon and support the Cardinals!