Left Of The Dial #631- Radio & Food

Jun 21, 2018

Cigarettes After Sex have a new song, "Crush," recorded at the same time they recorded their outstanding self-titled album released last year, and it's so good that it could have been the standout track on it. There's no official video at this time but its moody atmospheric sound lends itself well to visuals, as demonstrated by a couple of well-produced fan edits. 

The following video comes from the YouTube channel i'm cyborg but that's ok, one that's dedicated to pairing hip tunes with hip visuals.

Remember that cosmic jazz piece about Street Fighter by Kamasi Washington from a few weeks back? Check a look at the video... Hadouken! 

Left Of The Dial airs Friday nights from 9-11pm and Saturdays from noon-2pm on KRCU. 

Thanks, Pete!