Left Of The Dial #619 - Radio Is Happiness

Jun 15, 2018

This week we're playing the bonkers collaboration between Jean Grae and Quelle Chris. Everything's Fine is not merely an intricately produced funky jam featuring the MCs deftly dropping truth-bombs, but it's an entertaining if at times unnerving commentary on how some things are less than fine. It features a number of guest spots from comedians, including a delightful appearance from Hannibal Buress. 

The biggest disappoint of E3 is that the footage found in the video for "Zero," animated by Quelle Chris, is not from a game I can download and play on my Nintendo Switch. Sorry, Waluigi.

Left of the Dial airs Friday nights from 9-11pm and Saturdays on KRCU. One last thing, Rachel Lichtman's creation Network 77 has produced and uploaded a pilot for an audio/video experience that is mesmerizing. It imagines a bloc of television programming from the '70s, sequencing skits with station bumps and commercials and I feel like I could watch it 24/7.

Thanks, Pete!