A Harte Appetite: A Culinary Quiz

Apr 29, 2019

Put on your thinking caps...inspired by the quiz show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" I've got a little culinary quiz for you. Keeping in mind the old adage that a fool can ask more questions that a wise man can answer, see how you do with these.

Question #1: One stick of butter is equal to:

a) one cup
b) 1/2 cup
c) 1/3 cup
d) 1/4 cup

The answer is b.

Butter comes in one pound boxes containing four sticks. Each stick is therefore one-quarter pound but the equivalent of 1/2 cup.

Question #2: Which of the following was discovered by accident?

a) chocolate chip cookies
b) fudge
c) puff pastry
d) all of these

The answer is d.

Culinary accidents have been responsible for almost as many wonderful food innovations as culinary inspiration.

Question #3: Philadelphia cream cheese originated in:

a) Pennsylvania
b) California
c) New York
d) Illinois

The answer is c.

The Philadelphia brand was adopted as a trademark in an attempt to capitalize on that city's reputation as the home of high quality food stuffs.

Question #4: Which of the following is a vegetable?

a) tomato
b) squash
c) cucumber
d) all of these
e) none of these

The answer is d or e...it's a trick question.

Botanically speaking all of the above are fruits but legally they're all vegetables.

How did you do? If you got every question right Julia Child probably wouldn't have felt threatened to have you in her kitchen but Betty Crocker might. And if you missed them all, it would probably be a good idea to keep the number of your local pizza joint prominently displayed on the door of your refrigerator.