Going Public: Southeast IT Assistant Vice President Says ID Leak "Doesn’t Present Any Real Threat”

Oct 18, 2019

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences sent out an email recently containing private student and faculty information to about 50 individuals. Assistant Vice President of Information and Technology Floyd Davenport was consulted after the info was released about what students should do now.

Davenport says much of the information was directory information, such as emails and phone numbers. The most sensitive information in the email was student and faculty ID numbers.

“We like to keep some information very consistent, like the student ID,” he said. 

Still, Davenport says it’s important to keep that information private for the student or faculty member. 

“But in this specific case, the risk in terms of security or privacy is really low,” he says. 

He says the incident is an “educational piece for faculty.”