Going Public: Southeast Announces Expansion of Test Optional Admissions

Sep 26, 2020

Southeast Missouri State University recently announced the expansion of its test optional admissions and scholarship offerings available to beginning freshmen entering Southeast in fall 2021 to increase access to higher education.

According to Lenell Hahn, director of Admissions, Southeast became a test-optional institution in fall of 2019. The expansion is offering admission to students with a 2.75 GPA after graduating high school.

Many students were unable to take the standardized tests (ACT and SAT) earlier in 2020 due to the pandemic. This fact sparked many institutions that were not test-optional to move in that direction to allow students to enter based on their high school GPA.

On the topic of scholarships, Hahn said that when Southeast went test optional in 2019, there were a few test optional scholarships but that has been expanded, too.

"We now have twenty scholarships that someone can qualify for with no test score and we've increased the amount they can qualify (for) with no test score," Hahn said.