Exposition: ‘A Rock And Roll Hymn Festival Of Sorts’: St. Paul To Present ‘Journeys’ This Weekend

Mar 20, 2019

Credit St. Paul Lutheran Church - Jackson

As part of their 125th Anniversary year, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Jackson will hold their 5th Annual Hymn Festival on Saturday, Mar. 23 at 6 p.m. St. Paul’s own choirs will be joined by members of the National Lutheran Choir and Dr. David Cherwien, NLCA director, on the organ.


Palisch says if you’re a novice to hymn festivals, the prospect may not seem too exciting... at first.


“People think that you get together and sing a bunch of hymns. That sounds sort of dull. But it’s not at all,” says Palisch.


In fact, he says the audience is likely to go home full of energy on Saturday. This will be in part due to Dr. Cherwien’s talents, who Palisch claims is the ‘rockstar of church organists.’


“He basically improvises everything he plays -- it’s all in his head,” says Palisch. “It will be a fabulous experience.”


The festival is titled ‘Journeys,’ and will offer a walk through the church year.


Credit Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

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