Discover Public Radio Through KRCU’s Virtual BINGO Challenge (And Win A Free Tote!)

Apr 24, 2020

Over the past several weeks, you may have found yourself tuning in to KRCU at new times of the day. Maybe it’s waking up to Morning Edition, or taking a breath of Fresh Air. You could also be finding your next “must-read” with Betty Martin, digging into a scrumptious musical melange at the Caffe Concerto, or adding to your toolbox with Consumer Handbook.

Credit Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Now, KRCU is giving you a chance to have a little fun discovering public radio with a virtual Bingo game! If you get 5 tasks in a row by May 6, you’ll get a chance to win a free 30th Anniversary tote bag! 

Here’s how to play:

/ Document Each Task. Take a photo or write down the time of each accomplished task listed on the bingo card. 

/ Get A Bingo. We’re counting diagonal, straight across, and up/down. 

/ Submit Proof. Email your documentation to or message the pics/times to our Facebook Page, along with a screenshot of your winning BINGO card. 

On May 6, we’ll compile a list of all those who have achieved a BINGO, and draw the winner! But, we’re not as excited about the prize as we are about you finding informational programming, music, and quality entertainment on our program schedule.

Find the challenge on Facebook here and Instagram here. You can also play with friends by sharing over social media using the hashtag #KRCUPublicRadioBINGO!