Consumer Handbook: What To Keep In Mind When Planning Or Rescheduling Your Wedding In 2021

Mar 17, 2021

Credit Gauthier/Flickr

There are always a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding. Add a pandemic to the mix, and it can easily feel overwhelming. That said, many couples have proven that with a little ingenuity, flexibility, and a few precautions, it is possible to pull off a beautiful and safe wedding, even in the face of extremely challenging circumstances.

Follow government guidelines. Don’t go with your gut feeling when making important decisions on how to keep your guests safe. Read the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s considerations for events, gatherings, and travel during COVID-19 for guiding principles to help you make wise decisions for you and your guests. 

Don’t forget that each state and province may have its own guidelines and restrictions on quarantine, travel, and gatherings. Use the CDC’s directory to find the link to your state’s Department of Health for the latest news on restrictions regarding travel and social events. 

Come up with a COVID-19 plan. You want your wedding to be memorable and fun, but most importantly, you want it to be safe for you and your guests. Then, come up with a “Plan B.” Despite your best-laid plans, things may still go awry with ever-changing restrictions.

Hire an event planner. Event planners can be invaluable at this time: they have open lines of communication with wedding vendors and venues, they keep local restrictions in mind, and likely already have experience planning a COVID-19 wedding. Get recommendations from friends and family who have used a wedding planner in the past or look up wedding planners on to find local event planners that run BBB Accredited Businesses. 

Be sure to research each company’s business rating and read consumer reviews as well. Always read the contracts, and only hire vendors who have good communication skills and talk about the big “what-ifs” up front. Order everything you need well in advance.