Color Me Crimson: Can Football Unite Alabama?

Nov 13, 2019

Nothing brings people together like a common enemy, right? Also, matching jerseys and a rallying cry. University of Alabama football fans have been united by the Crimson Tide for generations, but is chanting “roll tide” really powerful enough to bridge Alabama’s political and social divides?

As Ben Flanagan writes for

Covering Alabama football fans for the better part of a decade now, spending countless hours around hundreds of tailgates operated by all sorts of people, I’ve seen an almost universally positive and cohesive environment. Time seems to stop in Tuscaloosa when the Crimson Tide hit the field.

But is this cohesion as fleeting as the game clock?

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Ben Flanagan, Entertainment and sports producer,; host, “Bammers.” ; @ThisBenFlanagan

Hannah Stephens, “sign girl,” University of Alabama; analyst and contributor, Roll Tide Wire.; @TheHannahSShow

Erin Tarver, Associate professor of philosophy, Emory University; author, “The I in Team: Sports Fandom and the Reproduction of Identity.”; @drtarver

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