Cape Girardeau Police Department Looks To Reduce Crime Rates With A Program For Rental Properties

Oct 12, 2018

Credit The City of Cape Girardeau

Next month, the Cape Girardeau Police Department will unveil the beginning phases of a new crime prevention program aimed at housing. A cooperative effort between property owners, managers, residents and the police department, the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program will ultimately aim at reducing crime on rental properties, and at making them a more appealing place to live for residents.

Community service officer, Richard Couch says Phase 1 will discuss management training and the landlord-tenant law, and Phase 2 will include a property security assessment.

“We go out and do a survey of the physical property and say, ‘Hey, there could be additional lighting in this area, or the bushes could be trimmed back,” says Couch. “If you have funding, and you want to put cameras in, cameras are obviously a great tool nowadays.”

The program originated in Mesa, Arizona in 1992, and since has been implemented in over 2,000 cities, 48 U.S. states, 5 Canadian provinces, and internationally.

Over 25 participants have registered, a number Couch expects to grow before their first workshop on October 25.