Application Process For Medical Marijuana Patients In Missouri Opens 6 Days Ahead Of Schedule

Jun 28, 2019

The online application process for qualifying medical marijuana patients and caregivers opened today, six days ahead of schedule. 

The deadline given to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services was set for July 4, as was outlined in the constitutional amendment approved by voters last fall.

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DHSS public information officer Lisa Cox says the medical marijuana regulation staff was simply ahead of schedule. 

“We were able to start building our staff for this program, and we’ve got the IT and vendor portions in place,” says Cox. 

According to Cox, there was no reason to wait until July 4 to get patients and caregivers into the system.

To apply, patients and caregivers must provide a copy of their license, basic personal information, and a letter of certification from their doctor. The certification cannot be more than 30 days older than the date of application. 

Aside from purchasing products through dispensaries, some patients and caregivers may choose the in-home cultivation process, where they would be allowed up to six plants.

“There is an additional section of the website just related to cultivation, and to make sure they have the security in place for that,” says Cox. “ They have to make sure it would still be a legal operation.”

Cox says the patient/caregiver application process is just the first step of a lengthy timeline in getting medical marijuana to Missourians. 

Facilities will not be licensed until early 2020.