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Going Public: SEMO Offers New Degree in Agribusiness That Combines Horticulture and Cannabis

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Dr. Sven Svenson
Dr. Sven Svenson

Southeast Missouri State University is now offering a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness that combines horticulture and cannabis. The degree option is brand new and SEMO is one of the few institutions and perhaps the only school that offers it. Students who complete the degree will be familiar with agribusiness, horticulture and cannabis and the chemistry side of the plant.

We sat down with Dr. Sven Svenson, Professor of Agriculture at Southeast to learn more.

Learn more about the degree.

Dan is a 1994 graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. He majored in radio and minored in political science. He spent three of his four years at Southeast working as a student announcer at KRCU – the beginning of his radio career.
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