John Mehner

Host, Let's Talk Business

John Mehner is the President and CEO of the Cape Chamber.

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One of the ways to address the workforce shortage is to keep as many of our local graduates in the area as possible.

Each year, hundreds of young people graduate from our area high schools and from Southeast Missouri State University and less than half of them enter our local workforce. In addition, many students graduate with very limited work experience. In a world where an available, capable, and trained workforce is key to area growth, this is not a desirable situation.

Cape Chamber

Do you know the most frequent concern expressed by our existing employers about job applicants?

At the top of the list is the lack of essential skills. Employers, schools, churches, civic organizations, charities, and even parents are talking about the decline in essential skills, or soft skills, in the world today. The Chamber’s response was the creation of the effort called Capable.


It’s that time of year and a perfect opportunity to recognize the importance of this local delivery system.

It’s back to school month and of course I’m talking about education. We are so fortunate to have a dynamic and effective education system in place for pre-K through higher education.

Southeast Missouri State University

We have experienced much success in the local technology sector and we continue to look for more ways to strengthen that ecosystem.

Cape Chamber

There are approximately 75 million of them in the civilian labor force and that number is growing at a steady clip.