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Drew Adams

Drew Adams is a recent transplant to Kentucky. While his roots stem from the fertile soil of the Jackson Purchase, he was born and raised in the forever foggy San Francisco Bay area. Once a professional musician, publicist, salesman, and PR representative, Drew says that the common thread throughout those experiences was his constant need to listen to public radio. Therefore when Drew arrived at Murray State to pursue a degree in Nursing he kept both eyes on his studies and both ears on WKMS. Now in his first stint as a reporter Drew hopes to inform, enlighten and do battle with that mortal enemy of responsible journalism, the pun. A music obsessive, Drew’s taste is eclectic. Bump into him on the street and you have as much of a chance to find him listening to Talib Kweli as Durufle. An avid runner, Drew enjoys pounding the pavement in LBL with his faithful sidekick Cooper, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.