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Clayton is a Multimedia Journalism major at Southeast Missouri State University, with minors in creative writing and religious studies. In addition to news - including stories for the Southeast Arrow - Clayton writes a little bit of everything: short stories, painstaking novels, the occasional lyric, screenplays, satirical blog posts, and sometimes funny tweets. He loves music and listens to everything from Frank Sinatra to Faron Young, and Phil Collins to Avicii. His dream job is to either anchor network news or to host Jeopardy, either one is fine. He’s a cat person and nerd.

His favorite public radio programs are 1A, the TED Radio Hour, and Ask Me Another.


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

City of Cape Girardeau

St. Francis Hospital physical therapist Nate Thomas has been selected to fill the Ward 3 vacancy on the Cape Girardeau city council.

Six council members were split in a tie Monday evening about who would fill their seventh seat. It was a toss-up between hopefuls Thomas and Christina Mershon of Southeast Missouri State University, much to the surprise of Mayor Bob Fox, who said he never thought they would be in such a position.

Ultimately, a motion was made to choose Thomas by Robbie Guard of Ward 4. 

Scott City Police Department

There is a new officer on the force in Scott City, and she goes by Raina.

Raina is a Malinois K9 officer in training - the only in the Scott City police department, according to police chief Mike Culler - who is currently being prepped to sniff out drugs and track criminals.

“Scott City has needed a K9 to search for narcotics and to help in assisting the tracking of people for many years,” Culler says. “Earlier this year we made a push to start looking into acquiring one.”


A new executive director has been named to the Old Town Cape, Inc staff.

Elizabeth Robertson Haynes was chosen by the organization's board of directors last week, and will assume her new role on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Board president Danny Essner says when considering candidates, the board was interested in finding someone who had been originally from Cape Girardeau but left the area. 

He says Haynes graduated from Southeast after attending Cape Central, and has been away from the region for about 13 years.

Paul Hudson/Flickr, License:

3.1 billion people on the planet are using some form of social media today and out of those users, 6.8% have reportedly exhibited symptoms characteristic of social media or internet addiction. Missouri’s freshman Senator, Josh Hawley recently proposed legislation to regulate these big social media tech companies - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter - and call it the Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, or the “SMART” Act, for short.