Clayton Hester

Host - Morning Edition, Reporter

Clayton is a Multimedia Journalism major at Southeast Missouri State University, with minors in creative writing and religious studies. In addition to news - including stories for the Southeast Arrow - Clayton writes a little bit of everything: short stories, painstaking novels, the occasional lyric, screenplays, satirical blog posts, and sometimes funny tweets. He loves music and listens to everything from Frank Sinatra to Faron Young, and Phil Collins to Avicii. His dream job is to either anchor network news or to host Jeopardy, either one is fine. He’s a cat person and nerd.

His favorite public radio programs are 1A, the TED Radio Hour, and Ask Me Another.


An officer with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety who made anti-Islamic posts on a public Facebook account has resigned. 

According to a press release, the post came on Sept. 11, and as of Sept. 13, that officer is no longer on duty. The name of the officer is not being released, says Police Chief James McMillen, but he did add that the incident started in the comment section of a post by the City of Sikeston about 9/11. 

Courtesy of Chris Goeke

Southeast music professor Chris Goeke spent part of his summer biking across Iowa for an event called RAGBAI. He talked about what inspired the trek, and his past experiences with the rides.

Design by Lydia Riehn

Cape Girardeau County residents will once again have the opportunity to design and detail their own edition of the famous “I Voted” sticker election-participants are given after they have done their civic duty at the polls. 

Election supervisor Allen Seabaugh says the contest, in its second year, was successful in giving a bit of uniqueness to the area.

“It got a really good response among voters,” says Seabaugh, and voters responded enthusiastically that they had something other than generic stickers.

Courtesy of conNEXTion

An organization supported by the Community Counseling Center - aimed at helping adults find counseling and students find their artistic side - is going into its second year.

Program manager and supervisor of the coNEXTion Community Resource Center, Soni Lloyd  says the organization emphasizes mental health and community well-being, but has a simple statement that sums up their mission: “We’re here to help folks with whatever is next.” 

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The Southeast Arrow is in the running as a finalist for what would be their third Pinnacle Award from the College Media Association. 

The award would be in recognition of their work during the 2018-2019 academic year, so current chief editor Zach Tate doesn’t take too much credit for it, other than through his prior role as sports editor. 

“It’s not really reflecting my time as editor-in-chief,” he said, describing their success as a culmination of improvement for the Arrow.