• Host

    Frank Nickell is a history professor at Southeast Missouri  State University. 

  • Operations Director

    Jason is a bit of a public radio junkie, and eavesdrops on stations all over North America. His favorite program is RadioLab, and he sometimes ignores his family, severe weather, and basic traffic laws while listening to it. He thinks...

  • Host, Let's Talk Business

    John Mehner is the President and CEO of the Cape Chamber.

  • Host - KRCU Morning Edition, Producer

    Lindsey is a student at Southeast Missouri State University, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a minor in Mass Communication. She spends her time discovering new music, strolling about Cape Girardeau’s antique shops, and gardening. You...

  • Classical Music Host

    Mary Miller hosts KRCU’s Caffe Concerto and Afternoon Classics.

    She’s been a church organist since she was 12 years old. Mary has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organ Performance from University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Outside of KRCU, she it...