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Brooke Hildebrand Clubbs is an instructor and the director of health communication for Southeast Missouri State University’s Department of Communication Studies and Modern Languages. She writes for special publications of The Southeast Missourian and is a certified Community Health Worker. 

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The British comedian Jo Brand once remarked, “anything is good if it is made of chocolate.” But can anything made of chocolate also be good for you? Would you like to feel less guilty about the chocolates you ate on Valentine’s Day?

Buddhists call housework "invisible work" because you only notice it when it's not done. The lymphatic system is often considered an invisible system--- an extensive drainage network that helps keep bodily fluid levels in balance and defends the body against infections. But when it’s work doesn’t get done, you definitely notice.

Lymphedema is the swelling of a body part due to the accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the tissues. It is the result of lymph not being able to flow through the body as it should.

Did you go to a New Year’s Eve Party? Can you believe that happened THIS MONTH?

Can you believe we’re still discovering what’s going on inside our heads?

The glymphatic system is a recently discovered macroscopic waste clearance system in the brain. According to the authors of an article in Neurochemical Research, the glymphatic system functions mainly during sleep and is largely disengaged during wakefulness. The biological need for sleep across all species may, therefore, reflect that the brain must enter a state of activity that enables the elimination of potentially neurotoxic waste products.

The Encyclopedia of Global Health states, “While it is impossible to avoid all illnesses, there are many forms of preventive care that reduce health risks by improving individual health.”

What preventive care do you need to have this year? It depends on your age as well as your risk factors.