Do you know where the flavor of marshmallows comes from? 

Dr. Frank Nickell, host of KRCU's Almost Yesterday, stopped by the KRCU studios to help out during our Fall fund drive and during the course of our conversation, he told us about the mallow plant.

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The pomegranate, that beautiful fruit with the jewel-like red seeds, has recently exploded on the culinary scene. Which is appropo for a fruit which inspired the name a hand-tossed explosive, known as the grenade.

Grenadiers, 18th century soldiers who specialized in throwing grenades, thought that the device's shrapnel pellets reminded them of those seeds. Though the pomegranate may have only recently come into its own as a trendy ingredient, it has been around for a long time.

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As you may have noticed from the colorful leaves and shorter days, it's autumn in Southeast Missouri. That's right - football, bonfires, hoodies and, very soon, Halloween! 

If you haven't jumped into fall decorating yet this year, we know where to find exactly what you need for a show-stopping front lawn. If you haven't checked it out, head to the local farmers market. There are two in town: The Riverfront Market open on Saturday mornings and the Cape Farmers Market in the West Park Mall parking lot on Thursday afternoons.

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October 4 - October 10

Discover nature this week as you take in Missouri’s colorful fall landscape.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the peak of the fall colors is in the middle of October, and because our state’s trees, shrubs and vines turn at different times we enjoy a fall color season that may last four to six weeks.

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Did you know more than 11% of the private sector workforce in Cape Girardeau County is employed in the field of manufacturing?

Almost 4,000 people work in more than 180 manufacturing facilities in our county. The average weekly wage for these jobs was a little more than $1,000 in 2017 accounting for more than 203 million dollars ($203,000,000) in payroll. That’s a lot of buying power and a significant piece of our local economy.