Missouri lawmakers are pushing coronavirus policies which they say protect individual freedoms.


 The bill includes protecting businesses from legal coronavirus liability and requiring a supermajority vote from a legislative body to approve a public health order. The bill won initial approval in the House and should soon head to the Senate. 

 While these measures made it onto the final bill, an amendment failed that would allow parents more freedom to not vaccinate their children before they attend schools. 

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Alyssa Phares, with Visit Cape, spoke with KRCU Public Radio about two events which will be held in Downtown Cape, on Sat. May 1st. 

The first, and inaugural event is the Muddy River Marathon, which begins with the first group of runners at 7 a.m. on Mainstreet and runs throughout the city. 

Credit: Muddy River Marathon Facebook Page:

This week on Going Public, we spoke with Brandon Hahs, who is the co-director of the Muddy River Marathon, along with Bryan Kelpe. 

2021 is the inaugural year for the Muddy River Marathon, which will take place Sat. May 1. At the time of the interview, over 700 individuals from over 15 states had registered for the event. It is a USATF-certified 26.2 mile course and also a Boston Marathon qualifier race.

This past weekend on Going Public, we spoke with Dr. Melissa Stickel, Executive Director of the Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri.