John Moore


   On Tues. Aug. 31st, Gov. Mike Parson announced the mobilization of the Missouri National Guard to assist in post-Hurricane Ida recovery efforts in Louisiana.   

In support of the relief effort, approximately 300 soldiers will alert, mobilize, and deploy their resources within the region.  

Southeast Students React To Temporary Mask Mandate And Vaccination Incentive

Aug 31, 2021
John Moore

At freshman orientation Aug. 20, Vargas announced a plan to get the majority of Southeast students vaccinated. An email was sent to Southeast students Aug. 26 publicly announcing the plan, which includes giving Southeast students and faculty a full week off from classes for Thanksgiving break if 70% of students are vaccinated by Nov. 1. Fully-vaccinated students who submit proof of vaccination will be entered into a drawing to win cash prizes. 


John Nimmo / Center For Behavioral Health and Accessibility

Southeast Missouri State University’s Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility will host a Health and Wellness Resource Fair on Sept. 8 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to mark National Suicide Prevention Month.

The fair will feature campus organizations, departments and community partners with information, resources and interaction that support physical and mental health. 

Training programs, personal assessments for anxiety and body image, and STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing will be offered at the event. 

MO Makes First Update To HIV Criminalization Laws In 30 Years

Aug 30, 2021
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A bill that went into effect over the weekend makes the first reforms to Missouri's HIV criminalization laws since they were passed in the 1980s.

Among other measures related to prosecutors and police, the bill requires prosecutors to prove someone knowingly exposed someone else who contracted HIV before getting a felony conviction, and reduces the minimum sentence from 10 to three years.





Southeast Missouri State University implemented a Covid-19 vaccination incentive program that has specific goals and benefits for faculty, staff, and students. The "Give Away/Get Away" program's goal is to achieve a 70% vaccination rate on campus by Nov. 1, 2021.