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To all you SEMO alums in town for homecoming weekend, welcome back. We’re looking forward to the Saturday game, with all the food and fun that comes with it.

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"A handful of couscous is better than Mecca and all its dust." So says a famous Moroccan proverb about almsgiving.

Missouri Department of Conservation / KRCU

October 11 - October 17

Discover nature this week as American wigeon, pintail and gadwall ducks migrate through Missouri.

Waterfowl identification is a popular and growing recreation activity in the U.S.  The key to the sport is knowing the characteristics to look for so you can quickly determine what species you’re looking at.

Cape Chamber

One of the most important factors of a successful chamber of commerce is a strong on-line presence.

A powerful and effective website is a must for our industry. Not only is it important to our membership, it serves as one of the front doors to our region. Our website,, offers tremendous value to our membership and great information for everyone.

This week on Left of the Dial, KRCU’s independent music program, we hear from the Norwegian musician Farao. As a fan of Soviet disco she’s amassed a collection of Soviet-era synthesizers which she uses on her latest album. We’ll also hear new music from Joan Jett, Aphex Twin and more.