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City Of Cape Approves $1500 For Each Of Their Full-Time Employees, And Discusses Potential Marina

John Moore

On Monday, Dec. 20, Cape Girardeau’s City Council held their final meeting in the former City Council chambers. The Council, headed by Mayor Bob Fox, discussed and voted on many key issues for the City of Cape Girardeau, as well as recognized two civil servants for their contributions to the city.

At the meeting, there was a resolution passed to conduct a feasibility study on a potential Marina being built in Cape Girardeau. On the matter, Mayor Bob Fox had this to say:

“I found out from talking to the loopers that there is no gas stop that’s easy to get to between St. Louis and Memphis on the river. We’re about halfway, and it would be perfect.”

Fox later goes on to explain that in order to get a grant from the Federal Government for the project, a feasibility study must be conducted. This would require $75,000, of which only $15,000 would need to be funded by the Riverfront Development Fund.

In addition to the feasibility study, there was a resolution passed to grant $1500 dollars to every full-time employee of the City of Cape Girardeau. Fox felt that the large sum of money was a worthwhile endeavor for the council.

“A total of about $740,000. So that is a substantial investment in our employees, and I’m just glad to see it done.”

For further information on the projects, and for future updates on their progress, visit the City of Cape’s Website.