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Cape Girardeau Public Schools Announces New Deputy Superintendent

Former Assistant of Cape Central High Principal Brice Beck has been named the new Deputy Superintendent of Secondary Education and Human Resources.

Cape Girardeau schools now has a new Deputy Superintendent of Secondary Education and Human Resources. Brice Beck has been an administrator with the Cape Girardeau school district for the past 5 years—he was formerly the Assistant Principal of Cape Central High School.

Beck will now be responsible for working with the secondary buildings, which include the junior high, the high school, Cape Central Academy, and the CTC. He will also be working with the Human Resources Department for the faculty and staff of the entire school district.

Having worked with Cape Girardeau Schools for multiple years, Beck has made connections and become well-acquainted with students and faculty. Beck says that he believes the experiences that he's had with the schools have prepared him for this new position.

"I think that working in the district and just having that ability to build relationships and work with the existing administrators in the buildings and at the cabinet-level has really helped prepare me and helped me learn a lot over the past five years"

According to Dr. Neil Glass, the Superintendent of Schools, Beck is a well-respected member of the Cape Girardeau School District. Beck is set to complete his Doctor of Education Leadership in Teaching & Learning in 2023 from Missouri Baptist University, but Beck said he plans to remain as Superintendent for the next several years.