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Southeast Missouri Municipalities Elect Mayors, Move Forward on City Codes, and School Funding

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After multiple municipal and general elections on April 5th, the final results are being confirmed around the region. A few cities will have new mayors and city council members, funding for local schools' projects will move forward, and some cities will usher in new ordinances.

In Cape Girardeau, a new mayor was elected. By less than 30 votes, Councilwoman Stacy Kinder has barely edged out incumbent mayor Bob Fox. Also in Cape Girardeau, William Lewis was voted in to join the Public Health Center Board of Trustees, receiving 2,575 votes. Matthew Welker and Veronica Langston will now serve as School District 63 Board Members, receiving 2,872 and 2,090 votes respectively.

Full results for the Cape Girardeau County general election can be found here.

In Perry County, Larry Riney will be the next mayor of Perryville, receiving 626 votes, 82 more than incumbent mayor Ken Baer. William "Bill" Bohnert joins the Perry County Hospital Board of Trustees, after receiving 1,156 votes.

Results from the Perry County general elections can be found here.

In Scott County, different cities voted on 'Prop K.I.D.S.'— an act that allows the Board of Education to borrow a set amount of money to renovate the school in whatever was needed, such as improving hallways, and complete track and fields upgrades, as well as furnishing new buildings. In Chaffee and Scott City, a majority of the votes were a 'yes', allowing the bill to pass. 'Prop Kelly', a similar act, passed for the Scott Co. R-4 (Kelly) school district.

Full results for the Scott County general election can be found here.