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Cape Girardeau A Stop During Tour For Lt. Gov. Parson's New Statewide Program, 'Buy Missouri'

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri

Next week, Lt. Gov. Mike Parson will be launching “Buy Missouri”, a new statewide program that will recognize and promote Missouri-made products.


Director of Communications for the Office of the Lt. Gov., Tyler Habiger, says it’s their goal to let Missourians know what is made here, and what they can buy to help the state’s economy.


“When a mom goes into a grocery store and she’s looking for her groceries, she gets barbecue sauce, salad dressing, any type of manufactured product - we want her to know these products are made in here in Missouri,” says Habiger.


Habiger says the idea started when Lt. Gov Parson was campaigning last year. During his travels across the state, he would find products in small stores that you typically wouldn’t find on a Walmart grocery shelf.


“And it’s all made here, and they’re really good products. Everything from really good pet foods, to toolboxes, to salad dressing to windows that are made here,” says Habiger. “And there’s actually no set list of things that consumers can go to and say, ‘Okay, what products are made here in Missouri that are quality?’"


Habiger says it’s the first project of it’s kind in Missouri’s history to compile a set list of products made in the state, and it should be a win-win situation not only for manufacturers and producers, but for consumers as well.


Cape Girardeau will be one of ten stops made during a statewide fly around tour by the Lt. Gov.’s office for the “Buy Missouri” launch next week.


Statewide Announcement Tour:

Oct. 25 at 11:00 a.m. // Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce & Manufacturer's Council