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Seven Injured in Freight Train Collision in Southeast Missouri

Seven people were injured Saturday morning when two freight trains collided near Chaffee, Missouri. The scene was one of destruction and confusion early Saturday morning after a Union Pacific train plowed into a BNSF freight train.

Woody Woods lives next to the scene of the collision in Rockpoint, Missouri. He said he and his son heard metal snapping and ran outside to find the overpass over the rails destroyed and cars coming to a screeching halt. He held a light towards the UP engine as the two crew members were pulled out.

"One of them was kind of bloodied up. It looked like he was beat up pretty good,” Woods said. “And then I came back, then that’s when the fire started. There was a big fire, a lot of black smoke, diesel burning. And then the fire departments and EMTs and everybody started showing up."

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the collision.