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Missouri lawmakers are considering legislation that would protect nursing homes and other businesses from coronavirus-related lawsuits.

Missouri Lawmakers Investigating Management Of Department Of Social Services

Apr 16, 2021
Robert Stinnett/Flickr

Missouri lawmakers are investigating the management of the Department of Social Services for concerns over lack of oversight and transparency.

The Kansas City Star broke a story last summer about child abuse at residential youth homes. Missouri lawmakers have made investigating the department a focus this session, and they are looking beyond the homes.

Two parents whose children were taken by DSS, testified at a Missouri House Special Committee on Government Oversight hearing Wednesday afternoon. They discussed the need for more department accountability.

When I first heard about meditation, I think it was on some kind of early 80s sitcom, with people wearing unitards and scarves and chanting “ohm” as the laugh track blared. But, now meditation and mindfulness are getting serious attention. Data from the 2017 National Health Interview Survey found that U.S. adults’ use of meditation tripled between 2012 and 2017.

The Missouri Senate on Tuesday passed legislation to create a statewide prescription drug monitoring program in an effort to stop opioid abuse.

The measure now heads to the House. It has been sponsored by Sen. Holly Rehder, R-Sikeston, for years, but has repeatedly been held up by members of the Conservative Caucus in the Senate.

Throughout the COVID-19 vaccination effort, Missouri health officials have insisted that equitable distribution of doses by race and ethnicity has been a priority.

But late last month, the state health department acknowledged that it has used national data to estimate Missouri’s racial breakdown, rather than data based on Missouri’s population.