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St. Louis is expected to receive a half-billion dollars in the latest round of federal coronavirus relief funding this spring — the largest amount of any city or county in Missouri.

That’s at least twice the amount going to Kansas City and St. Louis County, the next-highest projected allocations. The federal government calculated funding to cities based on poverty rates, unemployment and housing quality, not population.

Updated March 4 with House giving final approval

The Missouri House overwhelmingly passed a measure on Thursday that would forgive federal unemployment overpayments for some residents.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Monday he will release the remaining $280.7 million he withheld from general revenue spending at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thanks to our balanced approach to COVID-19, Missouri is in a much better position than what was originally projected,” Parson said in a statement. “Our economy continues to come back strong, and we’re pleased to be able to release the remainder of these funds today.”

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A bipartisan bill passed by the Special Committee on Government Oversight on Wed. Feb. 18, would allow Missourians to keep a portion of overpaid unemployment benefits, that were paid out of federal funds.

Missouri overpaid more than $150 million in unemployment since the start of the pandemic, according to the Missouri Department of Labor Director. An estimated 75 to 80 percent of the overpaid benefits came from federal funds, which Missourians would be able to keep as long as they did not commit fraud.