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Courtesy of: Officer Richard McCall/Cape Girardeau Police Department

The Cape Girardeau Police Department recently added Dallas, a new K9 officer to its force. He completed an 8-week training program with his handler, officer Eric Steiner, and started patrol last week. The two will continue maintenance training once a week to keep up with their certification.

Public information officer Richard McCall says Dallas is filling the role of recently retired K9, Reno, and they’re looking to do the same for K9 Shupa.


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Two years ago, Cape Girardeau voters approved a Fire Sales Tax and Public Safety Trust Fund, which allowed the Cape Girardeau Fire Department to move forward with multiple facility projects across the city. Fire Chief Rick Ennis says they are making significant progress on fire stations 1 and 2.


“The remodeling of the living quarters of fire station 2 is being completed,” Ennis said. ”We’re also doing some remodeling of the living quarters at fire station 1 which was built in 1981.”


Liz West/Flickr

Six fire departments in Southeast Missouri received an Assistance to Firefighters grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to replace old self-contained breathing apparatuses, better known as air packs. Cape Girardeau Fire Chief Rick Ennis says together the departments will match 10 percent of the federal funding to purchase 157 air packs. The Cape Girardeau Fire Department needs 49.

He says the equipment upgrade is, “to make sure that all the air packs in the area within those departments are identical and are operable.”

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU


Last night, the Cape Girardeau Neighborhood Development Initiative held a community meeting at Shawnee Park Center to improve Cape Girardeau’s Southside. Residents brainstormed and gave feedback to city officials and the non-profit organization, Authentic Voices, on their experiences living in Ward 2, and what changes they want to see.


South Cape resident Shelly Moore said she wants Cape Girardeau to become one, especially for the well-being of the youth.


City of Jackson


March weather is making its way through the Midwest, leaving residents to plan for their safety. If you’re worried about where to go during a severe storm, a tornado safe room in Jackson is there to help.


Constructed in 2016, the Jackson Civic Center tornado safe room is designed to hold 1,190 people and to withstand an EF-5 blast of wind, approximately 250 mph. Jackson Parks and Recreation director Shane Anderson says that when a tornado watch is issued, the safe room is opened and available to the public.