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The City of Cape Girardeau

Next month, the Cape Girardeau Police Department will unveil the beginning phases of a new crime prevention program aimed at housing. A cooperative effort between property owners, managers, residents and the police department, the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program will ultimately aim at reducing crime on rental properties, and at making them a more appealing place to live for residents.

Community service officer, Richard Couch says Phase 1 will discuss management training and the landlord-tenant law, and Phase 2 will include a property security assessment.

The Office of Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway

In Missouri, those convicted or found guilty of sexual offenses are required to register their name, address, and additional information with their chief local law enforcement official, along with verification at regular intervals.

Amid reports of sexual abuse by Catholic priests across the state of Pennsylvania, the Springfield-Cape Girardeau diocese in Missouri launched a review on all of their personnel files last weekend.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Ruth Ann Dickerson was appointed Monday by the Cape Girardeau County Commission as the first female county sheriff since the position’s inception in 1805.

In an interim position, she will fill the shoes of John Jordan, who has resigned after 23 years as sheriff in anticipation of a confirmation by the U.S. Senate to a post as U.S. Marshal of the Eastern District.

Before her current appointment, Dickerson rose through the ranks from Sergeant to Lieutenant to Captain of Business Operations over her 35 years in the sheriff’s office.

St. Louis Better Business Bureau

In July, the Better Business Bureau released a study about fraud within the timeshare industry in Missouri: "Don't Fall for Deception, Pressure and Traps Disguised as Vacations: A Better Business Bureau Study of the Missouri Timeshare/Vacation Club Industry." We spoke with Whitney Quick, regional director of the Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau about the results from the study, and how you can avoid falling victim to a timeshare fraud.