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Dicamba, an active ingredient in several herbicides produced by Monsanto, has some farmers frustrated by its volatility after the 2017 crop season. While many farmers' fields have benefited from the use of dicamba, it comes at a cost to neighboring fields that have been damaged by it drifting onto planted crops that aren’t equipped to handle it. Missouri Department of Agriculture director Chris Chinn explains the actions they’ve taken to benefit both sides of the issue.

The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center hosted a kickoff event for the Great Missouri Birding Trail. Missouri is the 40th state to have a trail like this, which was created by Mike Doyen, president of the Missouri Bird Conservation Foundation. It’s not a physical walking trail, but an online guide for the best places to go birding in the state. We captured the sounds of the Birding Trail kickoff, and tagged along for a short birding expedition for this audio postcard.


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The Broadway entrance to the Cape Girardeau river wall’s floodgate has been reopened to the public after weeks of rising waters from the Mississippi River. There are still some parts that are blocked off to the public due to water and debris. Brock Davis, the Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department manager said cleanup is underway.

“There’s still some water over the trail down there, and the debris and mud that washes up from the floods,” said Davis. “We’ll go down and clean up as we can, and move the barricades back until we’ve got it all done."

Parks and Recreation Department, City of Cape Girardeau

This Saturday is Earth Day, and the Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting its annual Friends of the Parks Day and Great Cape Cleanup. Parks Division Manager, Brock Davis, says they’ll be beautifying the entire city, come rain or shine.


Brock explained, “Our central location is Capaha Park; that’s where a lot of our projects will be hosted. We do projects on Broadway, downtown, we’ll be scattered all the way to the Jaycee golf course, the Osage Center, Cape Splash, pretty much all over.”


Courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation

I’m here with Candice Davis from the Missouri Department of Conservation, and over the past decade she says that the Missouri Department of Conservation has seen a rise in the black bear population, which is giving them the opportunity to do some research. Tell me about it Candice.