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Community Forestry Projects: TRIM Grant Applications Now Being Accepted By MDC Forestry Division

Missouri Department of Conservation

The Missouri Department of Conservation's forestry division is now taking applications for their annual TRIM grant program. TRIM, which stands for Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance, is a cost-share program that assists in community forestry projects.

These projects can include funding for tree inventories, removal and pruning of hazardous trees, training of volunteers and employees, tree planting, and managing surrounding plants. Program supervisor for MDC's forestry division, Russell Hinnah says there are many advantages to cultivating a sylvan community.

“They can provide a whole host of social, economic, and environmental benefits such as intercepting storm water, [and] they can improve property values,” says Hinnah. “They’ve done multiple studies that it improves peoples’ health, the more trees they have in their community.”

Hinnah says the program offers a 60% reimbursement on forestry project costs up to $10,000. Many TRIM grants have been given out throughout the state, including to Poplar Bluff and Malden. Institutions such as public schools, government agencies, and nonprofits may apply for programs on publicly owned and managed lands.

Applications are due June 1, and should include details, costs, and maps of proposed projects.

There are no in-person TRIM workshops available in southeast Missouri, but local MDC foresters can be contacted for help at: mdc.mo.gov/regional-contacts?county=All.

To get more information and grant application forms, visit: mdc.mo.gov/trim.