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Cape Public Schools And Southeast Missouri State University Announce Mask Mandate Changes

Regional Statistics over the last month pertinent to COVID-19 have improved with ICU bed capacity and hospital inpatient bed capacity rates lowering. Vaccination rates have also been rising with Missouri at 49% as of October. On Thursday, October 14th Southeast Missouri State University and Cape Public Schools announced various changes to their COVID-19 protection requirements.

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MO Bicentennial Minutes: What Did Missourians Eat and How Did They Preserve it in 1821?

Corn and pork dominated Missourians’ diet in 1821. For example, the Moses Austin household required 900 pounds of pork monthly. Hogs were easier to feed because they could forage in fields and woodlands and fatten on nuts in fall. Families often had one or more milk cows. Most kept a few chickens, which were susceptible to predators, and many kept sheep, but mostly for wool. A diversity of cereal grains such as wheat, rye, oats, and buckwheat were grown infrequently. Settlers also grew...

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Consumer Handbook: How To Recognize Signs Of Identity Theft

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  As Cape Girardeau Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle prepares to move to a federal prosecuting position at the U.S. Attorney’s office, his replacement has yet to be named.

Swingle has been Cape Girardeau County’s prosecuting attorney for 25 years.

No local political parties have yet made any official recommendations for Swingle’s replacement to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Swingle says regardless of whom the Governor appoints to take over the position, the office is in capable hands.

Premature Birth Rates Declining For Missouri

Nov 14, 2012
March of Dimes / National Center for Health Statistics

  The March of Dimes has released its annual state rankings of premature birth rates, giving Missouri a grade of "C" for the second year in a row.

The state's preterm birth rate has been gradually improving over the past five years, falling from 12.8% in 2006 to 11.6% in 2011. That puts Missouri right about at the national average, and just slightly better than neighboring Illinois.

The Director of Newborn Medicine at St. Louis Children's Hospital, Dr. F. Sessions Cole, calls preterm birth a major problem for the St.Louis region.

Missouri’s Unemployment Rate Remains Below National Average

Nov 14, 2012
Google / U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

October job reports show Missouri's unemployment rate is still below the national average. It remains at 6.9% in the month of October.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week began this Monday. Southeast Missouri State University began the week long event with a keynote address and kickoff ceremony featuring the comedic improvisational theatre company, the Second City

   Writer Sam Ruddick will perform his award-winning story “Leak” at Southeast Missouri State University.

Ruddick won the Pen/O. Henry award for the story “Leak”, which deals with relationships and adultery. The story revolves around a man who is having an affair with a married woman. 

Writing “Leak” took several days for Ruddick. After being told by a professor that his original story was uninteresting, he began revising it to add more detail to the story. He also re-wrote the first paragraph several times.

St. Louis Secures More NCAA Games

Nov 13, 2012
MBK (Marjie) / Flickr

The Scottrade Center will once again be the site of a slice of March Madness action in 2014. It will mark the second time in a dozen years that St. Louis will host second and third-round games.  All told, March Madness has come to St. Louis 20 times in its history.

Many events honoring veterans took place around Cape Girardeau this weekend. According to Southeast Missourian’s Brittany Tedder, there was the annual Freedom Corner ceremony at Capaha Park. In addition, non-profit group U.S.A. Veterans opened a new bar on 519 Good Hope Street, Trail of Tears.


Study: EMTs And The Flu Vaccine

Nov 12, 2012
USACE / Flickr

  A study out of Saint Louis University suggests that about a quarter of St. Louis-area emergency medical personnel are not getting vaccinated against the flu.

Saint Louis University nurse researcher and study lead Terri Rebmann says many study participants had misconceptions about the flu vaccine.

"Almost 40 percent of the EMTs indicated that they do not trust public health authorities when they say that the vaccine is safe,” Rebmann said.

Sam Powers / KRCU

The lingering effects of this year’s drought may bring Mississippi River commerce to a screeching halt next month.  Water flows from the Missouri River will decrease in late November and early December, and that could put Mississippi River navigation in peril. 

Frank Morris / KCUR

Missouri’s Hispanic population is small but growing. Hispanics only account for 3.5% of the state’s population, but that’s an increase of 79% since 2000.

The Democratic party has successfully courted Hispanics, and that strategy paid off with Presidential wins in western states like Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

But Missouri’s Hispanic population is still too small to have much of an impact, according to Dr. Marvin Overby, who teaches political science at the University of Missouri.


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10/13/2021: COVID-19 Hospitalizations Rise; Vaccination Efforts Continue Across State

Redhawk Radio Theater is an audio drama production organization at Southeast Missouri State University, recording out of the studios of KRCU Public Radio. Listen here.

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

¡Hola! /Hello! We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, starting today until October 15, with special programming across NPR podcasts, playlists and social media reflecting on the diversity of the Latinx community and highlighting our latinidad. We also have two curated playlists and the Tiny Desk Concert (A.K.A "El Tiny") will be featuring different genres of Latin music. Many of our podcasts feature Latinx stories all year long, not just this month. Check them out and celebrate with us!...

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