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Two-Minute Drill: Athletics Sets New SEMO Giving Day Record with Over $73,000 Raised

Athletics played a big role in Southeast Missouri State University's Giving Day on March 20. In all, $73,149 was raised for Athletics projects equating to 20.3 percent of the total giving. Giving Day support for athletics nearly doubled compared to last year.

Out of 1,107 total gifts, 433 went toward Athletics projects, nearly 40 percent of all donations. Athletics related projects ranked at the top for the entire Giving Day campaign in terms of total number of donations. Five of the six individual Giving Day Projects were Athletics related.

SEMO's gymnastics program received 68 donations, more than any other individual project for this year's Giving Day initiative. Football secured 60 donations followed by soccer (47), the Houck Modern Campus Project (46) and track & field (42).

All 13 Athletics-related projects had 22 or more donations, and they all ranked within the top 26 individual projects in terms of contributions, out of 37 total Giving Day projects.

SEMO Giving Day is an initiative inviting students, community, alumni, friends, faculty, and staff to support a project and help fill a need by making philanthropic donations toward one or several of 37 specific projects across campus or donating toward another cause of the donors choosing. Redhawk head coaches each identified a special project that was a funding priority for their program.

SEMO Giving Day set a record as the largest ever at the University raising a total of $359,401 – surpassing the previous mark of $305,892.

Nate Saverino serves as the Senior Associate Director of Athletics for External Affairs.