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Consumer Handbook: Fall Exterior Clean Up

wooden table in front of a colorful autumn landscape
winyuu/Getty Images/iStockphoto
wooden table in front of a colorful autumn landscape

When leaves begin to fall and garden plants go to seed, homeowners may consider hiring a lawn or landscape firm to clean up yards before winter. Better Business Bureau advises homeowners to check companies out carefully before hiring them, and ask for a contract that says what will be done and when.

Some yard maintenance companies or chimney sweeps send out mailers offering deals that seem almost too good to be true. Other service providers may knock on doors, offering to clean up debris on the spot. In either case, it’s a good idea to do your research before you hire anyone. The low-cost deal could require you to sign a long-term, more costly contract – or the company may do a poor job that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Look for an established firm with a good reputation: It’s a good idea to get several bids for the same work before you make a choice. Be careful with door-to-door solicitors: Homeowners often complain to BBB about itinerant tree trimmers or chimney sweepers who knock on their doors, offer a low price and ask for money up front. Too often, the work is done in a shoddy manner, if at all, and consumers can’t contact the soliciting firm for a refund.

Get an estimate based on an on-site inspection: Unless a contractor looks at your yard or home and understands what you want done, the estimates could be unreliable. Estimates should include all labor, cleanup and disposal charges, and a contract should state exactly what will be done and when the firm expects to complete the work. If you need service more than once, the cost and frequency should be stated in the contract.

Verify a company’s insurance coverage: Tree trimming and lawn care can be dangerous. A business that provides these services should be willing to demonstrate that they have workers’ compensation, property damage and personal liability insurance. Consumers should avoid firms that pressure them to do business quickly, without checking the company’s reputation and credentials.

Cape Girardeau native Whitney Quick is the former Regional Director of Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau, MO. She joined the Cape Chamber as Vice President of Programs and Leadership Development in May 2023. Quick is a graduate of Cape Girardeau Central High School and Southeast Missouri University where she majored in public relations.