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Explaining the 'Serial' update and what's next for Adnan Syed

Millions of people around the world met Adnan Syed through the hit podcast “Serial” in 2014.

He was serving a life sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Both were teenagers when she was killed.

This week, Adnan is out of prison after more than 20 years. A judge in Maryland vacated his conviction after prosecutors said their predecessors made mistakes. The state has 30 days to decide whether they’ll drop the murder charges against Adnan or hold a new trial.

Criminal defense attorney and podcast host Susan Simpson helped the Syed family fight Adnan’s case after listening to “Serial.” She hosted her own podcast on the trial called ‘Undisclosed.’

Susan joins Jenn White to talk about the gaps she saw in the case from the very beginning – and what’s next for Adnan.

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