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The Killers, 'Pressure Machine'

This #NowPlaying discovery comes to us from today's New Music Friday episode of the All Songs Considered podcast.

Throughout an extensive career, The Killers have made a name for themselves by narrating tales through song. Revolving around the characters, traditions and crises of frontman Brandon Flowers' Utah hometown, the group's seventh studio album, Pressure Machine, succeeds in telling compelling, personal stories.

Pressure Machine plays like an expository essay, complete with introduction and all, with title track — the album's penultimate song — repeating its thesis in the conclusion. A strong, southwestern Americana influence delivers messages of religion, societal pressures and the conflicting consequences and prosperities of small town living through Flowers' goosebump-inducing falsetto.

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Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis is a production assistant on the NPR Music team.