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Old School, New School: Latin Bands Mix Traditional Sounds With Rock, Rap And Electronica

A Spanish DJ gives the steel drum electroshock dance therapy. A Cuban rapper invokes the ghost of a past crooner. A German living in Chile adds Dominican flavor to the King of Pop. An Argentine group plays video games while strumming traditional folk.

On last week's show, we featured several bands that sound quite similar to the indie-rock heard here in the U.S. This week, we travel from Spain to Argentina, with stops in the Caribbean, Brazil and Peru, to hear from acts that are going with a different approach: incorporating traditional Latin music and instruments into their work.

Of course, we weren't able include every country or every artist. Which is why we continue the discussion on our blog, where you'll find other fascinating artists who seamlessly stitch together classic sounds and new styles -- among them Rita Indiana, Charanga Cakewalk and Descember Bueno.

We're counting on you to add your suggestions to our list, too. What bands that combine the old and the new are you listening to and loving? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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