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Every Monday at 6:31 a.m. and 8:31 a.m., John Mehner provides information on what's happening in the area of regional development in Southeast Missouri. John is the President and CEO of the Cape Chamber.

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What are Intrapreneurs and are they good for your organization?

In the last several years, the term “Intrapreneurs” has become more widely known. Intrapreneurs are employees within an organization who are not likely to start their own enterprise, but who apply the essential principles of entrepreneurship to their positions in the business.

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Keeping our young, talented workers in the area is so important to the stability and future of our workforce.

Several years ago, the Chamber began a young professionals group as a result of input from our existing members. Many said their young workers struggled with ways to meet people and get involved in the local area. They wanted to make a difference and get more grounded in the community. The result was our formation of the Chamber Young Professionals.

What do we hear frequently from our existing employers about job applicants?

From businesses to schools, churches to parents, charities to civic organizations, there is much discussion about the lack of essential skills, or soft skills, in the world today. In response, the Chamber created Capable. Capable brings individuals together to create a common language and better connect our community with key resources. An enhanced focus on these critical skills will help individuals in Cape Girardeau County be more prepared for life and work.

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Tackling tough issues head-on and building upon successful efforts are critical to moving the area economy forward.

Our members and staff work together to better the community in so many ways. The Cape Chamber has a committee structure focusing on development of our economy, community, and organization. Each committee has a specific purpose, goals and objectives, and works diligently to achieve results. Annually, our committees are reviewed for effectiveness as part of our business plan. This keeps our Chamber relevant and impactful.

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Each year, less than 20% of Southeast Missouri State University graduates will live and work in the Cape Girardeau area.

In addition, many students graduate with very limited experience in their chosen profession. In a world where a capable and trained workforce is the key to area growth, this is not desired information. Thanks to a partnership between the Chamber and Southeast Missouri State University, this issue is being addressed.