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Cape Elections Officials Ready For College Voters

Oct 28, 2012
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  Southeast Missouri State University students can vote in their parents’ home county or in Cape Girardeau County. It just depends on where they are registered.

Kara Clark Summers is the Cape Girardeau County Clerk and election authority. She says college students have the ability to register in either place.

Verdict Of Voters To Determine Missouri Judicial Selection Process

Oct 24, 2012
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This Election Day, Missouri voters will decide whether to change how judges are chosen in the Show Me State.

More than 70 years ago Missourians voted for a nominating system that strove to take political influence out of the judiciary.

A wave of recent criticism led to Constitutional Amendment Three.

How it all works - now

By now you’re probably used to the onslaught of TV campaign ads for national and state races.
Across the river in Illinois  that includes election ads for judges.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
Barack Obama Campaign / Mitt Romney Campaign

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney had little daylight between their foreign policy positions in Monday night’s 3rd and final Presidential debate, according to Southeast Missouri State University debate coach and Communication Studies professor Larry Underberg.

“On a whole host of issues, where Romney had been very critical up until the recent past, he seemed to be backing away from some positions,” Underberg said.

In Mo. Attorney General Race, Candidates Even Disagree On The Role Of The Office

Oct 23, 2012
(via Koster and Martin campaign ads) / St. Louis Public Radio

In the race for Missouri Attorney General, the two front runners, Democratic incumbent Chris Koster and Republican Ed Martin, agree on few issues. In fact, the two have very different visions of what the Attorney General’s office actually does.

In campaign ads, Koster holds a shotgun to show he’s tough on crime. And in interviews, Koster often refers to the office as “Missouri’s top law enforcement job.”

Akin In The Doghouse For Comments About McCaskill

Oct 22, 2012
Courtesy of House of Representatives

Republican Congressman Todd Akin is defending his statement comparing his opponent, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, to a dog.

Over the weekend, Akin garnered national ire for saying McCaskill is like a dog that fetches taxes and regulations from D.C. and brings them back to Missouri.

On the St. Louis Public Radio Program “St. Louis on the Air” Monday, Akin said that any attention to those statements is just a distraction.