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Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, Mitt Romney’s niece, talks with Here & Now’s Robin Young about Michigan’s role in the calendar, the tenor of the campaign debate and why she believes any Republican nominee would be better than a Democrat.

Updated 3 p.m. March 8 with Trump details -- Former President Bill Clinton will be in St. Louis on Tuesday to campaign for his wife, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side: Donald Trump plans to be in town Friday; Sen. Ted Cruz is slated to be here Saturday to address St. Louis County Republicans, said county GOP chairman Bruce Buwalda. His wife Heidi Cruz was in the Metro East on Tuesday morning.

There's a sales tax exemption for treating erectile dysfunction in Wisconsin.

The same can't be said for feminine hygiene products.

Sales tax isn't applied to Viagra in Wisconsin, but it is applied to tampons and pads. Birth control, medicated condoms and yeast infection medication are exempt because they are considered drugs.

One lawmaker in that state says the taboo around menstruation that prevents women from openly talking about their periods may also explain why women are paying extra to manage those periods.

The most recent Republican presidential nominee is taking shots at Donald Trump's fitness to be president.

And he's not mincing his words.

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, called the current GOP front-runner "a phony, a fraud" in a speech Thursday morning in Salt Lake City. And he didn't stop there.

Television coverage of court cases is now a permanent part of Illinois' legal landscape after an order Monday from the Illinois Supreme Court.