A Harte Appetite

Culinary Disasters

Oct 26, 2015

Perhaps you've heard the story about the lady who on Thanksgiving Day marched into the dining room with a magnificently prepared turkey and then accidentally dropped it on the floor. Without missing a beat, she picked up the bird and headed back to the kitchen. She wiped off the turkey and then returned to the dining room with it and announced, "Here's the other turkey!"

Fondue Is Back in Style

Oct 13, 2015
The Food Network

The '70s have been called the decade that taste forgot. And even if you own a lava lamp, you have to admit there's some truth to the charge.

But there was one '70s fad that was all about good taste: fondue. And like many other hallmarks of the decade, it's back in style.

Thus, culinary catalogues offer all kinds of fondue pots. Some, like a copper version imported from France, selling for as much $300.

Furthermore, the Melting Pot, a chain of fondue restaurants, has grown to over 50 branches.

"April is the cruelest month," T.S. Elliot lamented in "The Wasteland" but how could it be when there are so many days dedicated to great food.

The Pope's Kitchen

Mar 1, 2013

These days the pope is every bit as much a celebrity as any rock star or movie idol. Consequently, almost every conceivable aspect of the papacy has been analyzed and discussed -- all but one that is. For some reason there's been scant attention paid to LaCucina del Papa, the pope's kitchen.

The Oxford Companion to Food says meatloaf is "a worthy dish," but declares, "Its range, however, does not extend into the realm of haute cuisine."