What is PRS 2?

Mar 25, 2018

What is PRS 2 and why is April 3rd an important date? 

PRS stands for Parks, Recreation, and Storm Water. Ten years ago the citizens of Cape Girardeau passed a sales tax initiative dedicated to improving parks and recreation facilities and storm water infrastructure. The results are obvious and have had far reaching positive effects on our city and its visitors.

On April 3rd, the citizens will be asked if they would like to extend the existing sales tax of 3/8 of 1% for the purpose of funding additional improvements in the next 15 years. Doing so will allow further enhancements to the trail system, Shawnee, Arena, and Capaha Parks, and Cape Splash. It will also create the revenue necessary to replace eight youth ballfields in Arena Park with new ones at a different location. And $6 Million will be committed for a new indoor aquatics facility. Storm water improvements will be made to the Arena Creek watershed, central Kingshighway corridor, Capaha Park Lagoons, subdivision culverts and trail creek bank projects.

So, does this really impact business – absolutely. Not only will these improvements greatly enhance the recreational lives of Cape citizens, but they help us compete in one of the most booming and recession proof businesses in the U.S. – Traveling Youth Sports. That’s right, regional youth sports tournaments are a tremendous boost to our local economy and with the early success of the SportsPlex and a successful PRS 2, we will continue to be a major player.