Summer Arts Festival is This Weekend

Jun 12, 2018

Last week, we heard all about the Summer Arts Festival, but since it’s this weekend, we feel it bears repeating!

Where can you learn stage combat, do some artistic competition, listen to great music, and take in a show? You guessed it, the River Campus Summer Arts Festival. This year’s festival is no different with fun for the whole family and art enthusiasts alike. Rhonda Weller-Stilson runs down some of the activities available this weekend—all for free! 

"Children will be able to participate in the art tent where they'll be able to create ten different art activities and then older adults will be able to participate in different workshops that happen throughout the day. We'll be having a print making workshop and then people will be able to -- if they so choose -- to draw on the sidewalks.

There will be stage combat, there will be aerial dancing, we'll have the sciences there. We'll have everything from the children of the music academy performing, we'll have local bands such as Jerry Ford's and we'll have solo artists like Lydia Gentry and of course our magician, Ron Huff.

We will have two petting zoos as a matter of fact -- one with live animals and one with music instruments. So young children can experience playing a trombone, beating on a drum and then they can go outside and pet a zebra or a llama."

 As always, more information available at, and I hope to see you soon—this weekend—at the Box Office!