St. Francis Medical Center To Raise Minimum Hourly Pay For Employees To A "More Livable Wage"

Jun 7, 2018

Next month, over 200 employees at St. Francis Medical Center will see a significant pay raise.

As part of the hospital’s efforts to create more opportunity to earn a livable wage, they will be raising their minimum hourly pay for employees to $11.70.

Maryann Reese, president and CEO of St. Francis, says after looking at internal factors rather than the external market, they’re pleased with their decision.

“We’re a Catholic healthcare organization. We believe in human dignity, and we really wanted to make sure that our lowest paid employees had a living wage,” says Reese. “A wage that they could have a vacation time and rest time, and really feel proud of what they do here at St. Francis.”

Reese says at double the federal poverty level, the new wage will touch many employees in their health system at the main hospital and various clinics, including food service workers, telemonitors, med assistants, CNA’s, and anyone not yet making $11.70.

The pay increase is slated to take effect on July 8.