Left Of The Dial #547 - This One Time, On Bandcamp

Feb 16, 2018

There's a new release from Car Seat Headrest out, and a lot of people, myself included, had not heard the quirky wit of Will Toledo until he started putting out music on Matador. Turns out the guy is crazy prolific, and the Car Seat Headrest Bandcamp page is a treasure trove of brilliantly crafted, if a bit lo-fi, recordings. The new release from the band is a re-recording of the 2011 album Twin Fantasy. I went out and grabbed the original in anticipation for this release. I'd not seen a single indication that it would be going anywhere, but I did wonder if both versions would exist together and was keen to have the original to compare and contrast. It's fascinating because the lyrics received an update as well. In "Cute Thing" in 2011 the singer wanted Dan Bejar's voice. Now that character seems to be in want of a new aesthetic. 

The whole thing reminds me that Bandcamp is pretty cool. It's the one music site that feels like an independent record store to me, and hours of music discovery lies within its code. A fair number of musicians on this week's show, including Frankie Cosmos and (Sandy) Alex G, self-released on the site before landing record deals with prestigious independent labels. 

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Thanks, Pete, for the Apple Music playlist!