Jackson School Board Votes to Cover the Cost of ACT Testing for 11th Graders in the District

Sep 13, 2017

In July, a $4 million cut to student evaluation funding was signed by Gov. Eric Greitens, ending almost three years of state funded ACT testing for high school juniors. But on Tuesday, the Jackson School Board voted unanimously for the school district to cover the cost of assessment for all Jackson High School juniors.


Associate superintendent Matt Lacy says by providing the test, they ensure that all students take the test at least once, which could change the plans of students who receive unexpectedly high scores.


“It has the possibility or potential of opening up new opportunities for students who maybe didn’t plan to go to college,” said Lacy.


Lacy says once they explained that to the school board, they were supportive of the idea.


“Ultimately, I think they give a great gift to the students,” said Lacy on the school board’s decision.


$45 will cover the cost for each student’s one-time assessment, and with nearly 400 juniors enrolled at Jackson High School this year, the district will pay $18,000 to restore free testing.